Canada Now Has a Baby with 3 Parents’ Name on Birth Certificate

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Della Wolf is the first Canadian child to have the names of three parents on the birth certificate. The British Columbia child, Della Wolf Kangro Wiley Richards, has a couple of lesbian parents while the third one is their male friend who is the biological father of the child. The family is a first of a kind in the country, but Shawn Kangro, the biological father, thinks otherwise.

According to Mr Kangro, the feeling is exactly like every other family. He, on the contrary, feels nothing strange about a child having three parents. The legalisation of such a unique incident took place in accordance with the latest Family Law Act in British Columbia. The new law became the first not only in the province but in the entire nation as well. Everywhere in Canada, it has been achieved through litigation; CBC News reported. That is how little Della has already become a part of Canadian history.

The new law, which allows three or more parents to be listed in the birth certificate of a child, became operational in 2013. Della's family happens to be the first one that went through the procedure in Canada. The registration of the birth certificate was finalised only in the previous week.

The lesbian married couple, Anna Richards and Danielle Wiley, met with the problem of wondering how they could become parents naturally by giving birth to a child. The issue is not uncommon among lesbian couples who wish to get pregnant. A sperm donor is what is typically required in these cases. Ms Richards and Ms Wiley, on the contrary, always asked for a father rather than a donor.

The man who donates the sperm should also be involved in the entire process of pregnancy. They wanted someone who would participate in the journey of parenthood. They were, nevertheless, aware that most other lesbian couples would prefer having an anonymous donor. Conversely, they wanted a father for their child. The obvious choice was Mr Kangro who has been a friend of Ms Richards. Mr Kangro did not take much time to say yes.

The family has already finalised a contract among the three of them. Mr Kangro is going to be a guardian with a right to access while Ms Richards and Ms Wiley will have the custody and financial responsibilities.

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