Canada Invents Ice-Cream that Does NOT Melt at Room Temperature

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An ice cream shop sells ice cream dedicated to Pope Francis in Cassano allo Jonio
An ice cream shop sells ice cream dedicated to Pope Francis, a mascarpone and strawberry flavoured creation, in Cassano allo Jonio, southern Italy, June 20, 2014. Pope Francis will visit Cassano allo Jonio on Saturday REUTERS/Giampiero Sposito

Canadian students have invented a kind of ice cream that does not melt in room temperature.

The culinary innovation comes from a team of 16 McGill students from "Food and Science" programme. The latest invention in ice production is called "Frisson." In French, the word means "shiver." According to Jonathan Khouzam who is one of the team members, the team was working on inventing a "vegan sorbet" with "nice texture." However, the students ended up invented a new stabiliser. They became even more excited when they came to know that their innovation tasted delicious.

Health experts often ask people staying away from ice cream due to high calorie containing little food value. Even though an ice cream can be extremely tasty, it does not make one a healthier person, they claim. Frisson, on the contrary, comes with greater foot value. There are several aspects in the making of it that may impress dieticians.

This kind of an ice cream is gluten-free and dairy-free. High in fibre with zero cholesterol, Frisson comes with pistachio and almond or ginger or hibiscus. There are a large number of people who cannot enjoy ice cream no matter how much they love it because they are lactose intolerant. Frisson comes as a great alternative to regular ice-cream.

Frisson is, however, not for those who do not have the patience to enjoy ice-cream. You have to plan in advance to enjoy Frisson. The lid has to be opened after shaking the container to let nitrous oxide in the ice-cream get activated and create small bubbles to form a specific texture. The process is activated when you put Frisson in the freezer for some time after opening the lid. Frisson will not melt even at room temperature if the seal is not broken. Unlike other ice creams, Frisson does not become just a block of ice, when frozen.

Canada took part in annual Food Product Development Competition in New Orleans with its innovation and finished third. Frisson is not available in the market at the moment.

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