Canada Girl Slapped by Whale in Mexico, Video Goes Viral [Video]

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Canadian teacher Chelsea Crawford got slapped by a whale while she was in Mexico. She is yet to know what her fault was. She does not even know what made the whale so angry that it slapped her in public. If it was a human, the consequences could be different. However, when a whale slaps a girl and the incident is recorded in a video, there can be only one expected outcome: the video has gone viral.

The way it looks like is that a group of people was having a joyride out there in the sea. They seemed pretty excited to see the giant mammal in front of them, tossing around its massive body in the water. Jordyn Rivet, who must be thanked by the thousands who made the video viral, was shooting the incident with a camera. The crowd cheered as the whale moved. However, in an unexpected turn of event, the whale went a little too close to the boat they were traveling in and apparently slapped Ms Crawford with its tail.

Even if the whale did it by mistake without meaning any offence to the lady, it must have really hurt as the power of the creature is reportedly massive. The Nova Scotia girl said that it "definitely hurt" to get "smacked" by one of the largest creatures on earth, Toronto Sun reported. She also said that the tail had turned out to be much bonier than she might have expected it to be. When it struck her head, she appeared perturbed.

The action is repeated in slow motion in the YouTube video. Deliberate or not, the user allowed the audio to be kept in slow motion too. That is why it sounds like a scene straight from Evil Dead or any such horror movie as the audio in slow motion sounds eerie. Ms Crawford has apparently escaped any kind of serious injury, even though her shoulder and head was left bruised.

Ms Crawford is an expat teacher of English language in Mexico.

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