Canada Father Drowned While Trying to Save 7-Year-Old Son

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A Canadian Chinese man died while saving his son from drowning.

The incident took place in Cuba where Yue Liu went for a winter vacation with his family. His 7-year-old son was swimming with him in the water while the family was at one of the beach resorts the previous week when a giant wave dragged both of them into deep waters of the ocean.

Fanyan Bu, Mr Liu's wife, talked to CTV News regarding the tragic incident on Monday March 24. She said that her son was not capable of swimming well. That was why her husband tried pushing him towards the sea-shore. She said that she was with her 9-year-old daughter at the pool in the hotel when the incident took place.

According to the people who witnessed the incident, Mr Liu was able to keep his son's head above the water while he was screaming for help. One of the tourists, who was also from Canada, jumped into the ocean in order to make an effort to save both of them. Both the father and the son were eventually pulled off the water. However, even though the son survived, Mr Liu could not be successfully resuscitated.

Ms Bu said that she missed her husband a lot. Every time she saw his picture, she wanted to cry. She also said that her son was traumatised by what he had gone through. Now she is trying to accumulate money so that she could bring the lifeless body of her 40-year-old husband home. The Ottawa Chinese community is there to help her get money for the funeral.

One of the family supporters said that around $20,000 was raised from the Chinese community in Ottawa within 24 hours. However, the family is still in need of money and it is asking help from whoever is willing to. Anyone who is interested can visit HERE and help.

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