Canada Day 2014: The List of Uninvited 'Persona Non Grata'

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Officials from a select group of pariah states have been included into a list of "persona non grata" as Canada observes its national day on July 1.

According to the Canadian Press most of those included in the barred list of 2013 will most likely be relisted this year, with Russia as new entrant.

Among those included in the list of uninvited include North Korea, Fiji, Belarus, Iran, Syria, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau, Taiwan and Sudan.

The list was acquired under the country's Access to Information Act, with some parts blacked out to protect international relations.

"It is not our practice to provide lists of country representatives invited or not invited to functions held at our missions abroad," Ian Trites, a Foreign Affairs spokesperson, told Canadian Press. "I'm afraid that's all I have at this point."

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Canada's diplomatic missions around the world have been told not to invite them to receptions celebrating Canada Day on July 1.

"The same considerations would apply to any official Canada Day event hosted in Ottawa and involving the local diplomatic corps," deputy minister Morris Rosenberg said in an accompanying memorandum, noting the 2013 invitation restrictions apply for events being held in Canada as well.

As for Belarus, the 2013 restriction list said the exclusion stemmed from the "lack of transparency in the vote counting process" of the country's December 2010 election, which was marred by "a violent crackdown on protesters, and the detention of most of the opposition presidential candidates."

"Given the current situation in Belarus - which continues to deteriorate - Canada sees no reason to modify its policy of limited engagement."

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