Canada Concerned Over Further Invasion of Ukraine by Russia

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German Chancellor Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Harper address joint news conference at Chancellery in Berlin
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper address a joint news conference at the Chancellery in Berlin March 27, 2014. REUTERS/Stefanie Loos

Canada is worried that Russia may invade Eastern Ukraine any time, according to sources.

When Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke at a press conference in The Hague on Tuesday, he sounded worried. He said that Canada was worried about Russia's "intentions." He said that every G7 leader was "concerned" that Russia did not stop only by annexing Crimean peninsula. There is every possibility that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is going to invade further into Eastern Ukraine, he said. The reason behind such apprehension is that Russia's selection of points to form its military presence along the eastern border of Ukraine.

Global News reported that, according to the defence ministry of Russia, the country is not challenging the limits. On the other hand, sources confirm that Russia might invade merely in a week's time. Mr Harper said that Russia's claim that they had stopped military movement into Ukraine did not give them any confidence. Canada apparently has no confidence in Russia's assurance as it has failed in its word before.

G7 leader have been discussing about what can be Russia's next move. However, Canada feels that the sanctions against Russia are working. According to Conservative MP James Bezan, Canada was able to "hit" Russia where it hurt them the most. Mr Bezan said that the sanctions affected the "pocket books" of Russia. That is why one should Russia to "take a step back". However, if Russia still remains unfazed, it may leave Canada concerned.

Canada does not approve of Russia's claim over certain parts of the Artic. Mr Bezan said that Canada would have to "be in lockstep with" their partners. On the contrary, Professor Ivan Katchanovski from the University of Ottawa said that Russia's action had hardly anything to do with the West. Mr Putin was more interested in Ukraine, the professor of political studies said. Mr Katchanovski said that there could be a further invasion. However, Canada may not indulge in military action against Russia if the conflict is restricted to Ukraine, he said.

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