Canada Beat Kuwait, 91-0 in U19 American Football Tilt

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Canada beat Kuwait, 91-0 in an Under-19 American Football game on Tuesday.

“Beat” is actually an understatement (and generally being nice) so here are other 45 synonymous words that better describe the result: demolished, devastated, shattered, smashed, wrecked, annihilated, incinerated, killed, obliterated, overwhelmed, razed, sacked, totaled, wasted, gutted, tore down, wiped out, shellacked, executed, massacred, trounced, slaughtered, crucified, erased, dumped, dispatched, eradicated, exterminated, finished, guillotined, hang, snuffed, strangled, suffocated, wasted, zapped, rubbed out, devoured, disintegrated, vanquished, repulsed, overpowered, blew away, swamped and buried.

(Note: in spirit of generally being nice, we just searched and featured words half the total score of the unmerciful Canadian team.)

The game was the second scheduled match on opening day of the 2014 International Federation of American Footbal (IFAF) U-19 World Championship in where else, Kuwait.

Other teams participating in the under-19 years old age group competition are teams from the United States of America, Japan, Mexico, Germany, France and Austria.

As expected all the stats leaned heavily towards the team from Canada; The Canadians had 17 first downs while the Kuwaitis had 1; 132 rushing yards vs. -66 rushing yards; and 235 passing yards vs. 4 passing yards.

Canada led 50-0 at halftime so maybe the Canadians were a bit merciful on this one as their scoring faltered a bit in the second half.

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