Canada Bar Throws Out Man for Kissing Another Man, Accused of ‘Homophobia’

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A Canadian bar is accused of homophobia after it allegedly threw a couple of male students out after they had been caught kissing.

According to the claims of Université de Montréal medical student Gabriel Dion, a bouncer at a bar in St-Denis street in Montreal kicked him out when he saw him kissing a man. Dion said that he had been instructed not to enter the place again while it was open. He was allowed to enter to get his personal property back only after it had been closed. A university student association, the Fédération des associations étudiantes du campus de l'Université de Montréal, is demanding an apology from the bar's authorities. The group also demanded that the authorities had to make sure that such incident should not happen again in future.

There was an orientation party organised by the faculty of medicine of the university on Friday, Aug 29. According to Dion, he was making out with another man near the stairwell. That was when the bouncer spotted them and asked them to leave. Dion alleged that the bouncer was disrespectful while sending them outside. They were not even allowed to take their belongings before leaving. They had to wait for the place to get closed so that they could get in to get their belongings.

Dion later wrote a letter to the owners of the bar that urged them to give an explanation of how he had been treated. FAÉCUM Secretary General Vincent Fournier Gosselin called the incident "homophobic." "This kind of homophobic behaviour is simply unacceptable," he said. Gosselin also said that student associations might not consider organising events at the venue.

According to QMI Agency, the management said that they did not endorse such behaviour. The management reportedly said that it had already started investigating the matter. Saint-Sulpice Manager Gregory Bas said that the administration would interrogate anyone who might have been involved in the incident before commenting on the matter.

Student association protesters have apparently planned to hold a protest in front of the bar. The "kiss-in" protest is scheduled to take place on Friday, Sept. 5.

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