Can You Imagine Michelle Trachtenberg As Twilight's Bella?

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Before there was Kristen Stewart, there was Michelle Trachtenberg, who has danced with vampire characters in the past.

But there was a chance that she could have joined the cast of the big leagues this time around.

Trachtenberg said in one interview that she could have gotten a role in "Twilight." She even jested that she would be good for the role because she is pale.

Kidding aside, the actress has known the director of "Twilight," Catherine Hardwicke, since the days of making the film "Thirteen." If she had not been in "Buffy" at the time, she could have landed the big role in "Twilight."

Even if she says that she has done the vampire stint already, she still cannot help but wonder how joining "Twilight" could have changed her life especially with "Breaking Dawn" earning about $500 million all over the world.

So here's the question for all the "Twilight" fans out there: can you imagine Trachtenberg starring as Bella in the giant franchise?


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