Can Timothy Bradley Walk Away with a Convincing Victory? Manny Pacquiao Eyeing for Knockout in the Rematch

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On April 12, 2014, Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao are set to square off to finally prove to the boxing public who is the better fighter between the two of them. Can Bradley walk away this time around with a convincing victory?

Both Bradley and Pacquiao have expressed their desires to fight for a rematch. Bradley is as equally passionate as Pacquiao towards the fight because he wants to be able to show everyone that his first victory over the Filipino boxer wasn't just a fluke.

Bradley has previously stated that he is looking forward for a repeat victory in the rematch. The American fighter told Fight Hype's Ben Thompson in an interview that he will conquer Pacquiao again.

"Once again, I will be victorious, and I'm gonna beat Pacquiao," he said.

The first time that Bradley and Pacquiao fought back in June 2012, a controversial split decision was awarded to Bradley that cost Pacquiao's World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title. Bradley put an end to Filipino boxer's 15-fight winning streak for the last seven years. Bradley snagged the victory but most people, especially boxing critics, weren't so convinced at all that he really won the fight.

During their press conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Bradley said, "I've been ridiculed, disrespected, demonized."

"I know what to expect this time, it's like riding a bike, the second time is easier," he added.

Bradley's trainer Joel Diaz is also confident that his pupil will deliver a resounding performance in the rematch. "We are ready to make this fight clear, give the people what they didn't see in the first one," said Diaz.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao is reportedly eyeing for a knockout in the upcoming rematch with Bradley. According to one of Pacquiao's assistant coach and trainer, Buboy Fernandez, they are aiming of knocking Bradley out in the early rounds of the fight to ensure that they will not get robbed again, Inquirer reported.

A knockout is indeed a must so that Bradley and Pacquiao can prove who, between the two of them, the better fighter is. No judge can rob a knockout, but it is really hard to predict who is going to be knocked out. Both fighters should be in their respective training camps right now and they may be better armed and prepared to adjust this time, having had squared off once.

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