Camilla Parker-Bowles Filing for Divorce, Duchess Seeks Help from Kate Middleton - Reports

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Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles
Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla arrive for the second day of the Royal Ascot horse racing festival at Ascot, southern England Reuters

Married to England's Prince Charles is never easy and Camilla Parker-Bowles can attest to that as she claimed that her husband has a plot to kill her just like what he did to his previous wife, Princess Diana. Known for her alcohol addiction, the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly talked to Kate Middleton about her fears for her husband if she files for a divorce.

"Back in May Princess Kate received a late night call from a sloshed Camilla insisting that she now has proof that Charles put a hit on Prince Diana and that he is responsible for her Partisan car crash 17 years ago," Celebdirty reports based on GLOBE's Aug. 4th print edition. "Furthermore Camilla insisted that he will do the same to her before he will willingly pay any kind of divorce settlement."

The issue about Charles killing Diana is not a hot new topic anymore and it was revived days after what would have been the People's Princess' 53rd birthday. Remained popular after her famous divorce with the Prince of Wales, there are some reports that points to Charles plotting for her death when a handwritten letter from Diana was revealed.

Sent to Diana's then butler, Paul Burrell, in October 1993, the note was revealed 10 months after the royal divorce was officially announced. But this allegation was slammed by the Princess' friend Lucia Flecha da Lima, the wife of former Brazilian ambassador in London, telling the court the Burrell is capable of imitating Diana's handwriting and she doesn't believe that the late Princess feared for her life, especially from Charles.

"Camilla's proof was likely viewed from the bottom of a gin bottle and Queen Elizabeth would probably would have put a hit on Camilla years ago - back when she was still Charles' side chick if that were ever really an option," the gossip Web site added. "This just reeks of Cami trying to stir the pot and cause conflict for the people she hates the most - Kate and William."

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has been under a microscope lately and this couple seemed to endure all these rumours and continue to do their royal duties. They were last seen together in their recent West Country tour on Looe and Plymouth.

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