Cameron Diaz: Why Pubic Hair Should Not be Removed?

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Cameron has just released a new book titled "The Body Book". In her new venture as an author, Diaz tells the reader about the care one needs to take to have a healthy vagina. The book, which is released on Dec 31, speaks about the personal grooming habits one should exercise.

Diaz tries to answer the blazing question in every woman's mind today-to shave or not shave your pubic hair.  The actress says,

"I hear that there's a big fad these days of young women undergoing laser hair removal on all of their lady bits," she writes in her book. "Personally, I think permanent laser hair removal sounds like a crazy idea. Forever? I know you may think you'll be wearing the same style of shoes forever and the same style of jeans forever, but you won't. The idea that vaginas are preferable in a hairless state is a pretty recent phenomenon, and all fads change, people."

According to Cameron it is not judicious to get rid off your pubic hair, as there is a reason why they are present.

 "Pubic hair also serves as a pretty draping that makes it a little mysterious to the one who might be courting your sexiness," she writes, adding, "Pubes keep the goods private, which can entice a lover to come and take a closer look at what you have to offer. Also, let's be honest: just like every other part of your body, your labia major is not immune to gravity. Do you really want a hairless vagina for the rest of your life? It's a personal decision, but I'm just putting it out there: Consider leaving your vagina fully dressed, ladies. Twenty years from now, you will still want to be presenting it to someone special, and it would be nice to let him or her unwrap it like the gift that it is,.

So this is what Cameron feels about pubic hair. Do you agree with her not?

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