Cameron Diaz Advices Women Not to Remove All Hair Down There Forever: See What Other Celebs Think

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Cameron Diaz is one naughty woman. The "There is Something About Mary" actress has now turned author and written a book titled "The Body Book." The 41-year-old has written an entire chapter on ...guess what..women's pubic hair! Diaz questions why there has been a need to go bald down there and says women should rather remain "fully dressed."

The hot blondie says that women's hair down there should not be removed permanently by laser removal as you never know when the fashion changes and then you are left with nothing to experiment with!

"I hear that there's a big fad these days of young women undergoing laser hair removal on all of their lady bits," writes Diaz, according to the book extract published by Radar Online.

"Personally, I think permanent laser hair removal sounds like a crazy idea. Forever?," questions the actress. She goes on to call pubic hair a "pretty draping," which serves as a mystery for a women.

All women have personal preferences for pubic hair and the debate for pubic hair has been going around since a long time. The present style is that of keeping it clean but there have been various celebrities  who say they love to keep it natural. What Diaz is trying to say is, don't remove everything forever as you might need to adapt to the change.

So which other celebrities are supporting the pubic hair? According to Daily Mail, Gwyneyth Paltrow and Lady Gaga both admit to keeping a mane down there. While Gaga requested a mannequin with full pubic hair while she was on tour, Paltrow revealed that she wants to have a style of the 70s down below.

"Friends" actor Jennifer Aniston is very particular about her grooming preferences down there and loves to keep it clean regularly while Kate Winslet prefers to have a small strip left, reports Your Tango.

Diaz reportedly wrote the words of wisdom for her new books for almost two years and released it on the eve of New Year for her readers. Go grab your copy now!

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