Call it ‘Fishy’: Queensland Mother-Daughter Mysteriously Died in Bali After Having Fish

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Update: The family of the deceased has refused to allow authorities to perform any autopsy on the bodies of their loved ones.

A mother-daughter duo from Queensland mysteriously died in Bali apparently after having fish.

Their relatives are only aware that they had fish before they died. No other information is available about the reason of their deaths and that is what has made the death of the two extremely mysterious.

The mother is Noelene Gay Bischoff, 54 years old, while the daughter is Yvana Jeana Yuri Bischoff, 14. They checked in Padang Bai Beach Resort in the capital on Friday at around 3 pm after arriving in Indonesia on the same day. They had dinner at a Buddha restaurant the next day and fell sick thereafter. Resort  staff took the pair to the Bali International Medical Clinic, but the mother died on the way. On the other hand, the daughter too passed away shortly after her mother.

The relatives of the deceased back in Australia had a hard time digesting the fishy incident. Kevin Bowe, brother-in-law of Ms Bischoff, is yet to get proper answers to his queries regarding the couple of tragic deaths. According to Mr Bowe, the Department of Foreign Affairs report suggests that both of them died due to eating fish. 

ABC News has gotten hold of a photo of the bill for the last meal the mother and the daughter had. The bill shows that the duo did have fish along with pizza, chicken, lemon tea and juices. On the contrary, the Buddha restaurant manager Giovanni Bareato is not ready to accept that they were killed due to the food at the restaurant. Mr Bareato informed ABC that he and many other guests had eaten the same fish as the women who died. No one has complained about any sickness due to the food. He insists that the reason of their death might be a kind of food allergy.

According to Ms Bischoff's younger brother Malcolm, Yvana informed hospital staff that they had mahi mahi fish at dinner. It is suspected that the fish contained toxins.

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