'Call of Duty: Ghosts' vs. 'Battlefield 4': Fan Questions for Player Appreciation Month, DLC Rumours for February; 'COD' Code of Conduct


In lieu of the Player Appreciation month this February, "Battlefield 4" fans have taken to asking questions about the game, and for the first round of questions, there's a good explanation for rebalancing weapons and vehicles straight from Alan Kertz, lead core gameplay designer.

for those who are wondering if rebalancing weapons and vehicles is only a matter of following the suggestions of the community, Mr Kertz answers that there's a bigger process behind it. "We always start with the original intention for the item, and compare it to how the community sees the role. Sometimes we have a different idea of how a weapon is intended to work than the community does," he said over at Battlefield Blog.

But what the developers ensure is that there is no one vehicle or weapon that would be the best choice for combats. This is the reason why weapons like shotgun slugs, which has been moaned about as ineffective during close-range battles, have never been tweaked. This is because the slugs are supposed to be effective as a long-range weapon, and making it effective for both would render other ammos useless.

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Another thing to note with "Battlefield 4" is the ongoing "Six days, 10 million dog tags" activity for players of "Battlefield 4." First started last February and with the deadline of Feb 11, 8 am PST/5:00 pm CET, the event is the first DICE Community Mission.

The goal is simple: "Battlefield 4" players of any platform will need to grab 10 million dog tags using melee attacks. This will be a collective effort, and if successful, those who participated will get a gold backpack come Feb 20.

There's still some time before the time-based activity expires, so players better get on those melee attacks and continue collecting dog tags.

'Battlefield' DLC Leaked in Germany

If a screenshot from Origin Germany is to be believed, then the Second Assault DLC promised for "Battlefield 4" may come for the PC version as early as Feb 18. For those who are not Premium subscribers, a March 4 release date has been pegged.

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Segment Next has spotted a post by a Redditor who had taken the snapshot. It seems that the image was removed afterwards, though the same has been said for other leaks that proved to be true in other cases.

Still, this leak is far from official, as DICE has to release any word on the Second Assault DLC release date.

Code of Conduct for 'COD' on Swearing and Cheating

Players of "Call of Duty: Ghosts" will have to better tread carefully when playing, as Infinity Ward has recently published a Code of Conduct for gamers. This covers a wide range of unwanted behavior, from bans, hacking and pirated content, to glitch abuse and offensive behavior.

"All infractions undergo a thorough review process by the Infinity Ward Online Services team before enforcement, and penalty is not subject to further review."

Infinity Ward has defined the different bans and offenses that come as penalty. There's a temporary ban that can range from 49 hours to 2 weeks depending on what kind of infraction players have done, while there's also a lasting permanent ban.

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Minor offenses are seen to have no quantifiable damage to another user in the community, while an extreme offense is merited by a gamer whose actions may have caused detriment or offense to others.

Modders and hackers will be permanently banned from playing the game online on their first offense. The stats will also be reset and they will then be blocked permanently from leaderboards. Playing using pirated content of "Call of Duty: Ghosts" merits permanent banning, while abusing a glitch in the game will be subjected to a temporary ban, a stat reset and deletion of entries from the leaderboard.

Offensive behavior also counts the likes of derogatory, racially charged language, as well as aggressiveness in the game, and first-time offenders will be temporarily banned from online gaming.

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