Call of Duty: Ghosts vs. Battlefield 4: COD Elite Shutting Down, Battlefield 4 Gets Platoon Support

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Those who have been part of the Call of Duty Elite should know that the service will be shutting down, and if you have been a member since January 1, 2014, you can easily get double XP for two hours, though this is yet to be made available.

With this shutting down comes the permanent news that there will be no revival of this feature in the future, though Activision has stated that players can download the official Call of Duty app, particularly for COD Ghosts and succeeding titles. This would be for the customization of the characters and weapons.

GameSpot also lists down the consequences of the service shutdown:

For those who have been using the service since 2011 as well as the COD Elite Founders will be able to keep the special emblem, which will be displayed on the playercard in the app for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

All Clans and Clan Management tools will no longer be accessible via COD Elite, but you can download the COD app or COD Clan Wars for a similar experience.

Battlefield 4 platoons rolling out

Earlier, it was reported that Platoons for Battlefield 4 were being tested out to a number of volunteers. But soon enough, the Platoons are already available for all Battlelog users.

Over at the official Battlefield Blog, it was announced that the Platoons can be located in the soldier dropdown menu and as a new tile on the homepage.

"Platoons in Battlefield 4 is a way for you and your friends to get together, organize yourselves, communicate, and fight together to improve your Platoon. Whether you want to share experiences in a more private space, or show the world who has the most skilled, most awesome Battlefield 4 team around, Platoons is the way to go," said the developers.

Those with a Battlefield 4 Premium membership or those with soldiers that are at least rank 10 should create their own Platoon. There are a number of features that gamers can expect once they get to the Platoons.

The first is the ability to create and join a Platoon with up to 100 members. You also have access to a private and public Platoon feed for communication, and there will also be Basic Platoon management for invitation and movement of members.

The Platoons that are already out are just part of the first iteration, with the developers aiming to refine it and take feedback into consideration.

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