Call of Duty: Ghosts Exclusive to Xbox 720? Xbox 720 & Release Dates Updated

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Xbox 360 rocked the console sales in the Western worlds and the upcoming Xbox 720 is soon to be unveiled in an event at Redmond, Washington headquarters. Xbox 720 will also gain exclusivity of Call of Duty: Ghosts once the console is launched.

Microsoft announced the upcoming Xbox 720 and an event will be held at its Redmond, Washington headquarters on May 21, 2013. Alongside with the announcement are further details of titles for the new console.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts is one of the new titles to be revealed full at the Microsoft E3 Xbox 720 presentation and it suggests that the new game would be the first Call of Duty game available exclusively in one game console.

Other game such as Assassin's Creed: Black Flag and Watchdogs are confirmed to arrive on Xbox 720. Watchdog will arrive first on PS4 before it reaches Microsoft's game console.

Xbox 720 Cloud Entertainment

Xbox 720 is currently developing a cloud-based entertainment system focused by Microsoft to improve the entertainment aspect of the game console. Xbox 360 has its streaming media as a major component and later made the game console as a media hub as well. It is expected that Microsoft will innovate more features for Xbox 720.

Release Date

The launching date is real on May 21, but there is no concrete information about any release date of Xbox 720. Sony PlayStation 4 is surrounded by rumours of having earlier release date than Xbox 720.

Christmas season is the targeted date of the PS4 release date which pressures Microsoft to send out Xbox 720 sooner before the market becomes saturated.


Xbox 360 released several variants with different storages which dictate the actual price of the game console. In the United Kingdom, the entry price was £209.99 and the next generation is assumed to start at £200.

If Microsoft lists Xbox 720 with the same price range as the previous generation, this would make the Xbox 720 as the cheapest next generation console on the market.

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