Californication Season 7 Finale Spoilers: Grace, The End of Hank Moody’s Saga

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It's the end of an era for actor David Duchovny, who after seven long years is going to retire his Hank Moody's black T-shirt on "Californication" season 7 finale. Tonight, the finale entitled "Grace" will feature Hank making a life-altering decision while Karen steps in to smooth over the situation when Hank did not approve on Becca's decision.

Written by Tom Kapinos and directed by Adam Bernstein, "Californication" season 7 finale synopsis reads: "Karen massages the situation - even though Hank is still not on board with Becca's plans. At Malibar, Hank and Levon reconnect with Hank's old student, Tara. Later, Hank manages to reassure Julia over a special dinner, urge Charlie to save Marcy, plus, make his own life-altering decision."

Fans of show will be treated for tonight's episode as the series will end Hank Moody's saga as TV's favourite lady-loving, chain-smoking and alcoholic novelist. For seven years, Moody captured the hearts of its TV fans who are rooting for an unapologetic hedonist who wants nothing but his family to get back together.

"Tom Kapinos has carefully planned the final chapter of Hank's journey and has brought it to a beautiful and satisfying conclusion for new and long-time fans alike," Showtime's Entertainment President, David Nevins revealed in an interview posted on HW Hills. "With its unique blend of lyricism and excess, Californication has been one of our groundbreaking signature series."

When asked what he love about playing Hank Moody, Duchovny revealed that his character doesn't seem to care about anything but in reality he did care about certain things. "He wasn't just a wrecking ball, he was a guy that loved his girl, and he loved his daughter and he wanted his family. Obviously he was not doing the right thing to keep that family together, but those things meant a lot to him," he revealed in an interview with GQ.

And now for the million dollar question, will Hank end up with Karen? According to David there are only two things that could happen to his character and that is to die in the end or he will get the girl that he once lost. So stay tuned for tonight's show at 9:30 PM EST.

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