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Sydney Siege Victim Katrina Dawson Killed by Man Haron Monis, Preliminary Report Suggests

Dec 19th 2014

Preliminary ballistic report suggests that Sydney Siege victim Katrina Dawson was killed by a gunshot fired by Man Haron Monis.

Sydney Siege Hero Tori Johnson Shot by Hostage-Taker Man Haron Monis at Close Range – Report

Dec 18th 2014

Sources said Sydney Siege victim Tori Johnson was reportedly shot at close range by Man Haron Monis.

Las Vegas Man Threatens To Break Kids’ Legs If They Didn’t Have Sex With Family Dog

Dec 17th 2014

If there are awards for bad parenting, 47-year-old Christopher Sena of Las Vegas would probably be a grand slam winner.

Sydney Blooms With Floral Bouquets Celebrating Heroism Of 2 Hostages Who Died Saving Other Lindt Customers

Dec 16th 2014

On Tuesday, Sydney was full of life and blooming with floral bouquets. It's a far cry from the previous day when the streets of the commercial business district were deserted due to the Sydney Siege at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe at Martin Place.

Victoria County Court Convicts Disgraced Ex-MP Craig Thomson For Spending HSU Money On Sex Workers

Dec 16th 2014

Disgraced former MP Craig Thomson may have been acquitted on Monday by Victorian County Judge Carolyn Douglas of 49 counts of obtaining financial advantage by deception charges, but it doesn't mean he won't go to prison.

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Verizon Strike 2011: FBI Probing Acts of Alleged Sabotage by Workers

Reportedly, incidents of wire-cutting by aggrieved strikers have interfered with the phone services of thousands of customers between Virginia and Massachusetts.


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