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Indonesia Uses Russian-Built Fighter Jets In Chasing For Australian Plane

Oct 23rd 2014

An Australian plane violates Indonesian airspace.

Islamic State: Aussie Terrorism Suspect Was In Same Video When Runaway Teenager Threatened PM Abbott

Oct 23rd 2014

The star of the 2-minute video below may have been the 17-year-old Australian who left Sydney under the guise of going on a fishing trip, but the clip apparently include a previous viral photo star.

Gough Whitlam Supported Conspiracy For Balibo Five East Timor Controversy – Widow Alleges

Oct 22nd 2014

The late Prime Minister Gough Whitlam was responsible for a conspiracy involving the Balibo Five

Islamic State: From Beheading Men, IS Moves To Stoning Adulteress To Death

Oct 22nd 2014

Beheading, like what the Islamic State (IS) has done to two American and two British hostages in the past few weeks, causes instant death to the victim.

Move Over, Jeremy Meeks; Brazil Has A Handsome Crook With 39 Murders On Record

Oct 22nd 2014

Penal history would likely be repeated after reports came out on Tuesday that Brazil has an inmate who could pass for a movie actor. However, Tiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha is not only the owner of a f...

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Verizon Strike 2011: FBI Probing Acts of Alleged Sabotage by Workers

Reportedly, incidents of wire-cutting by aggrieved strikers have interfered with the phone services of thousands of customers between Virginia and Massachusetts.

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