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It Doesn’t Pay To Be A Whistleblower In Australia, Especially If Subject Of Expose Is PM’s Daughter

Oct 24th 2014

While whistleblowers in many countries are hailed for their bravery despite the threat to their life in exposing wrongdoings, especially when done by government officials, it is not the case in Australia.

Defector Says Women In Prison Camp Kill Babies For Food; Aussie Judge Urges UN Security Council To Bring Nokor Leaders To ICC For Human Rights Violation

Oct 24th 2014

Kim Hye-Sook, a defector from North Korea, recounted to the UN the sufferings she and other prisoners suffered in the hands of their captors, including years of starvation, hard labour and torture.

Australian Federal Court Fines Reebok $350,000 & Orders Refunds For Shoe Endorsed By Miranda Kerr That Claims Unproven Health Benefits

Oct 24th 2014

The 1-minute, 56-second advert by Australian model Miranda Kerr surely sold thousands of EasyTone sneakers for athletic shoe brand Reebok. However, an Australian Federal Court declared on Tuesday that...

Indonesia Uses Russian-Built Fighter Jets In Chasing For Australian Plane

Oct 23rd 2014

An Australian plane violates Indonesian airspace.

Islamic State: Aussie Terrorism Suspect Was In Same Video When Runaway Teenager Threatened PM Abbott

Oct 23rd 2014

The star of the 2-minute video below may have been the 17-year-old Australian who left Sydney under the guise of going on a fishing trip, but the clip apparently include a previous viral photo star.

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Verizon Strike 2011: FBI Probing Acts of Alleged Sabotage by Workers

Reportedly, incidents of wire-cutting by aggrieved strikers have interfered with the phone services of thousands of customers between Virginia and Massachusetts.


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