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Forced Marriages And Child Brides Rampant In Australia: Police Said

Oct 31st 2014

Police force discovered growing number of forced marriages in Australia.

Singapore Top Court Maintains Law Criminalising Gay Sex

Oct 31st 2014

Sex between gay men in Singapore will continue to be a criminal act liable to jail imprisonment when caught.

Google Loses Lawsuit Against Canadian Woman Over Breast Exposure

Oct 31st 2014

In its decision, the court told Google that blurring the face of a person doesn't mean they are already unrecognisable on Google Street View.

Ebola Divides The US: More States Begin Applying Stricter Guidelines Than What CDC Imposed

Oct 30th 2014

More states in the U.S. have joined New York, New Jersey and Illinois and issued much stricter regulations concerning the Ebola virus.

Roast Busters Scandal Investigation: No Charges Filed

Oct 30th 2014

Police decided not to lay charges against members of Roast Busters due to lack of evidence.

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Verizon Strike 2011: FBI Probing Acts of Alleged Sabotage by Workers

Reportedly, incidents of wire-cutting by aggrieved strikers have interfered with the phone services of thousands of customers between Virginia and Massachusetts.

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