Burglar Stole Music System, Came Back to Get Remote & Got Arrested

By @snksounak on

A burglar stole the music system from a house, but he was not arrested. He could have walked free and nobody could have recognised him. However, it was his realisation of an incomplete burglary that put him into trouble. The burglar realised that the remote was missing, even though he managed to steal the rest of the entire music system. Then he did what no burglar could have possible thought of doing if he wanted to stay safe. He went back to the house to get the remote and eventually got arrested.

This is a story from New Jersey where 42-year-old Carlos Ruiz was arrested for stealing a music system after he went back to the crime scene around half an hour later. He apparently went back to the house he stole the music system from to get the remote. Haddon Township police charged Mr Ruiz with theft, criminal mischief and burglary. The incident took place on Feb 4, but the story has recently come out in the light.

Surveillance cameras recorded Mr Ruiz arriving at the house in an SUV at about 9 o'clock in the morning. He took the music system along with some other valuable and left within 10 minutes, according to NJ.com. However, he returned around half an hour later as he realised that the remote of the music system was missing - as police informed TheDailyJournal.com. The Burlington County Times also reported that Mr Ruiz fed the dog in the house when went to the house and did criminal activities there.

Police say that Mr Ruiz is a heroin addict and his burglary was a means of getting money for it. According to CourierPostOnline, Mr Ruiz has to face one more burglary charge for the one took place in Cherry Hill on Feb 7. Additionally, he happened to be a fugitive in connection with a Pennsylvania fraud case where Camden County Sheriff's Department is looking for him as he failed to pay child support.

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