Burger King China Branch Has a PooPoo Smoothie on Its Menu, Any Takers?

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Mangoes are the main ingredient in making Burger King's PooPoo Smoothie Vittorio Hernandez

Mangoes are the main ingredient in making Burger King's PooPoo Smoothie

Is it a case of lost in translation or a deliberate marketing gimmick to be talked about? Such questions would likely pop in the mind of fast food lovers when they read a particular item on the menu of a Burger King branch in China - the PooPoo Smoothie.

Now, before jumping to conclusion and think it is a dark brown concoction that must have passed through the anal canal of an exotic animal like the way a certain type of coffee is being marketed, let reader know that it is a cold drink made up of mango and big pearl sagos.

Being made of mango, then its color is yellow orange and not brown. No suggestions that it is made of animal or worse, human droppings.

Kotaku, a Chinese publication, compared the PooPoo Smoothie to the Taiwanese Boba Tea, a mango-flavoured slushie with pulp pearls that tasts like lychee. The cold drink is topped off with soft serve vanilla ice cream.

The Chinese staff of Burger King appear to be unaware that the English equivalent of poopoo is faeces. So when the Kotaku writer joked and asked for a chocolate ice cream topping, the staff failed to get the joke that adding a brown ice cream would give the smoothie a colour associated with human waste.

Based on the photos of the smoothie published by Kotaku, the one topped with vanilla costs 18.5 yuan, while the plain one costs 15.5 yuan.

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