'Bullying' Highlighted After Weather Channel Councilman Joel Burns Twitter Remarks

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The Weather Channel has issued an apology to Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns after an exchange of Tweets stemming from the Councilman's simple complaint of the channel's app.

The cable network issued Burns an apology over Twitter where it stated its distasteful remark made on its account. 

"This morning one of our team members used sarcasm in an unfortunate and unacceptable way on our Twitter account. It was not our intention to offend and we are sorry that we ​did," the statement said. "We have since apologized to Councilman Burns​ and want to restate that sincere apology and assure him that this tweet does not represent our views. In fact, this is the opposite of how we want to interact with our fans, as we value their input on any occasion. We are taking the necessary steps to be sure something like this does not occur again."

The Twitter storm began after Burns requested through a tweet that the Weather Channel refrain from using photos of Dallas its forecast of Fort Worth City.

Burns posted: "Dear @weatherchannel I SWEAR I'm deleting your aggravating app if you don't STOP SHOWING DALLAS pics for Fort Worth," wrote Burns and attached two photos as examples.

He then followed up with another tweet which showed his mobile device's weather folder without the Weather Channel App.

The Weather Channel responded to Burns with: "@JoelBurns Sorry to see you go. Good luck on ending bullying."

The Councilman wasn't provoked with the sarcastic jab. Burns, the City's first openly gay council member and best known for his efforts to end bullying, retweeted the response and repeated his request saying, "Please fix the app."

The Councilman is best known for his 2010 anti-bullying speech titled, "It Gets Better," which went viral. After the network's rude comeback, Twitter members have been up in arms criticizing the Weather Channel's inappropriate response to feedback, the Business Insider reported.

Many of Burns' followers berated the Weather Channel for the remark and triggered a trending hashtag #thisisFortWorth which people use to post photos of the City and the This Is Fort Worth Tumblr account.

The Fort Worth City official has also reached out to make amends and has called on the Network to turn to charity.

"Let's help kids instead of snark? $100k @weatherchannel to @GLSEN @TrevorProject? (Agree?Pls RT): The call is for the Network to donate $ 100,000 to the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network and The Trevor Project. Burns has committed to donating $1,000 himself. 

According to Star-Telegram , the Weather Channel's David Blumenthal said it has not been confirmed if the network has plans to make the donation put forth by Burns.

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