Bulls Trade Rumors: Spurs Interested To Acquire Boozer, Dunleavy & Gibson Before Deadline

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The San Antonio Spurs are reportedly interested in making a trade before the Feb 20 trade deadline, involving several Chicago Bulls players, a source close to situation reported on Friday.

With another shot at the title on their mind, the Spurs front office is attempting to add firepower to their offense by bringing in some solid players via trade.

According to sources, the Spurs have expressed interest in hammering a deal with the Bulls for All-Star power forward Carlos Boozer, sweet shooting forward Mike Dunleavy and budding power forward Taj Gibson.

Road to Contention

The Spurs have arrived at a plan to upgrade their lineup, following a series of defeats at the hands of NBA contenders this season. San Antonio might have one of the best records in the league, but their losses against league elites is certainly an alarming site for the four-time NBA champion.

"The San Antonio Spurs have been struggling so far this season against the elite teams and with that comes the annual trade rumors for the team to improve their chances at claiming their fifth NBA championship," said Project Spurs.

"The Spurs may be interested in upgrading their roster for the stretch run this season and they may be looking to an underachieving injury plagued team in the Chicago Bulls for help according to Sports World Report," the site added.

The Bulls have been on a downward trend after losing some of their key players to injuries (Derrick Rose's MCL injury) and money-saving moves (Luol Deng trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers). Many analysts believed the Bulls could be sellers on the trading front, as they look to acquire more assets and create cap space for a loaded free-agency class this summer.

"The main names in the rumors are Taj Gibson, Mike Dunleavy, and Carlos Boozer. This would help the team shed some salary after a disappointing season, but how would these players fit in with the Spurs and how realistic are the trade scenarios? Let's take a look at the possibilities," Project Spurs's Jose Grijalva pointed out.

Gibson is averaging 12.2 points and 6.4 rebounds for the Bulls as a backup for Boozer, who is also producing well (14.8 points) in his fourth season with the team. Meanwhile, Dunleavy has been a stud from beyond the arc despite earning just $3 million this season.

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