Bulls Trade Rumors: Harrison Barnes, Eric Gordon Eyed Before Feb 20 Deadline

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The Chicago Bulls could be a major player before the Feb 20 trade deadline, and sources indicated the team is interested to acquire either Golden State Warriors small forward Harrison Barnes or New Orleans Pelicans shooting guard Eric Gordon.

Chicago is still a pretty solid playoff team despite losing a couple of key players this season. With Derrick Rose sitting out with another knee injury and Luol Deng now playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers after being traded last January 9, All-Star center Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and the rest of the Bulls role players have stepped up their game big time.

However, many basketball analysts believed the Bulls will still play an active role with two weeks left in the trading period. The team could be buyers or sellers on the trading front, depending on the need of their potential trade partners.

Carlos Boozer, Mike Duinleavy Jr., Kirk Hinrich, Jimmy Butler and even Gibson are considered tradable assets, and the Bulls front office would only sacrifice these players by getting solid compensations in return, either a high-pick or a promising young player.

Kirk Hinrich and future draft pick for Harrison Barnes and Jordan Crawford  

The Warriors previously expressed their interest to trade for Hinrich several weeks ago before the Warriors pulled off a three-team trade with the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat that gave them Jordan Crawford and MarShoon Brooks.

However, the Warriors still don't have a solid back up for starting point guard Stephen Curry, considering that Crawford is not a pure playmaker. The Warriors front office is also not happy with their current standing, prompting speculation that another big trade involving some of their youngsters is imminent.

"Considering the heightened expectations this season and the fact that Golden State owner Joe Lacob means it when he says he's trying to build a championship team, it's safe to say the Warriors aren't content with their current standing (sixth in the Western Conference)," via USA Today.

"They have one of the most aggressive front offices in the league, and rival executives are of the belief that anyone not named Stephen Curry or Andrew Bogut is up for discussion."

In this proposed trade, the Bulls will get Barnes and Jordan Crawford for Hinrich and future draft pick (likely second-round). The Bulls will finally have a solid swingman to replace Deng while the Warriors get a serviceable veteran playmaker to give Curry some breather.

Carlos Boozer for Eric Gordon

Another enticing trade scenario is the potential swap involving Carlos Boozer and Eric Gordon. Both possessing lucrative contracts, the Pelican will have the opportunity to beef up their roster by acquiring a double-double guy like Boozer while the Bulls will get a player capable of creating his own shots like Gordon.

"Shooting guard Eric Gordon, once thought to be a great young piece for the New Orleans Pelicans, is now being shopped around the league according to a report from Sam Amick at USA Today."

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