Budget 2014: #morepopularthanAbbott Hashtag Trends in Twitter as Australian PM Suffers Impact of Perceived Broken Election Promises

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Tony Abbott
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott gestures as he gives a speech on a business event at the Shanghai International Expo Centre in Shanghai, April 11, 2014. REUTERS

It is not only among Australians that Prime Minister Tony Abbott's popularity has plummeted because of the proposed Coalition budget perceived as breaking some of the party's election promises.

On popular microblogging site Twitter, the hashtag #morepopularthanAbbott is trending, indicating readers from all over the world are contributing via tweets to things they consider more popular than the PM, once called by his nemesis as a misogynist.

For instance, Tippi McCullers considers "Squeezing lemon juice into your paper cuts" #MorePopularThanAbbott, while Bruce Campbell pointed to the Black Death. Karla picked "A tv remote control with flat batteries."

The Australian noted that most of the tweets are daily events that make people irritated or angry such as sitting in a gridlock, soggy spinach and discovering that only one square of toilet paper is left.

Twitter members also found as more popular than Mr Abbott shock jock Kyle Sandilands, corrupt union official Ralph Blewitt and serial killer Hannibal Lecter. Labor PMs Julia Gillard, who called Mr Abbott a misogynist, and Kevin Rudd, whom the current PM used to beat in popularity polls when he was still Opposition leader, are both now more preferred by Aussies.

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While the polls said that voter dissatisfaction with the PM has reached a peak after eight months of a Coalition-led government, Mr Abbott has insisted that the party is doing the nation a favour by proposing a federal budget that would improve the lives of Australians in the long term. He also added that he is not running in a popularity contest.

Mr Abbott is so confident of his budget, insisting he did not break any campaign promises, that he even rejected the request of state premiers for an emergency meeting to discuss the cuts on state funds, even as the premiers threatened to impose the maximum political pain on the PM.

It appears that Mr Abbott's refusal to budge has its roots in his student days when he was a boxer and was used to taking punches on his face and body.

Other interesting tweets include Aussies volunteering for root canal surgery and playing Bingo with their grannies just to boot Mr Abbott out of the office he has held for barely a year.

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