Buckingham Palace Guard Caught Goofing Around On-Duty [Video]


A video, which is now viral, showed one guard goofing around in his post, to the amusement of tourists. It had been viewed for more than 600,000 times after being uploaded by Andy Richards on August 20.

"Will Her Majesty be amused. A Buckingham Palace guardsman misbehaves on duty while The Queen is on holiday. His senior officer might be having a chat with him later..." Richards posted.

The Grenadier Guards are known for their supposedly uncompromising attention. In the video though, the guard can be seen stopping from his march and doing unusual, funny acts. Some of his antics involve bending over to seemingly pick up something and freezing in a marching position with his knee bent extra higher than the usual. In the video, a child can be heard asking if other guards have done the same thing before. Another child was quick to realise that this particular guard was the only one who dared to "mess around" while on duty.

Seemingly, the guard is not doing what he should as he was obviously playing a bit to the crowd, Richards told BBC in an exclusive interview.

Unfortunately, the Palace had already heard about the guard and his unacceptable breakaway from what was expected of him. The Ministry of Defence is already conducting its investigation, according to a report from The Mirror UK. However, it said it could not verify whether the video was authentic or just being spoofed.

"We are aware of the video. Anyone who is found to fall short of the Army's high standards can expect to face appropriate action."

People are awaiting reactions from the Queen regarding the said video.

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