‘Bubbling’ Not the New Neknominate; Urinating in One’s Own Mouth Isn’t a Trend in Australia

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Bubbling is not the new Neknominate in Australia, at least not yet, according to a new report. After sacked Australian rugby league player Todd Carney was photographed drinking his own urine straight from the source, it was claimed (feared) that the act, called “bubbling,” is now becoming a trend in the country.

Just like Neknominate, in which participants down a whole bottle of alcohol in one go and “neknominate” their friends to outdo them, bubbling seemed to be going viral as well.

In late June, Cronulla Sharks has sacked Carney after his photo showing himself urinating in his own mouth was posted online over the weekend. It is believed that the picture was taken two weeks ago.

The team’s chief executive, Steve Noyce, has released a statement, confirming that they have abruptly ended Carney’s $650,000 contract, which should have expired in 2018.

Noyce said that Carney was aware of his responsibilities, both on and off the field, and that the vulgar photo did not meet the values and standards that the club upholds.

Apparently, Carney wasn’t the only or even the first one who has done the unsanitary and confusing act.

Australian skater Troy West claimed that bubbling has long been rampant in the country.

“It’s huge in Australia. It’s part of our everyday life. My dad actually taught me how to do it when I was a kid,” he told Vice. http://www.vice.com/read/pissing-mouth-australia-skaters-troy-weston

“I was on tour in Austria, and this other skater, Frido, asked me if I would drink my own piss for $136. So I explained that it’s common practice in Oz, and I did it right there and then, and then again later by some lake in Italy. It took Frido a few days to master the art, though – he had a weak flow.”

The Courier Mail also claimed that bubbling is “a thing and Australia invented it,” which, along with West’s interview, prompted readers to believe that urinating in one’s own mouth is a common practice.

But according to Mashable, it is not.

“It’s just a big trolling campaign by a group of skateboarders who are literally ‘taking the piss’ in the media,” according to the Web site.

West and pro skater Callum Paul have apparently been trying to make the stunt go viral for years, and they had their chance to make it so after Carney’s photo went viral.

But despite their claims, it’s not “a thing” in Down Under.

“Yeah, this doesn’t happen in Oz, at all. Maybe one or two fruitcakes, but that’s it. I skate and live in Australia, and have never heard of ‘bubbling’ until today,” skater John Ryder told news.com.au.

Brad Shaw, the president of the National Skateboarders Association of Australia, also denied the so-called craze.

“Some skaters certainly might do this,” he said. “But I certainly haven’t heard it’s common place.”

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