Bryan Hamade, Suspected Hacker Of Nude Jennifer Lawrence Photos, Scared To Turn Phone On

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Jennifer Lawrence (Reuters)
Jennifer Lawrence (Reuters) Reuters

The suspect in the hacking of the nude selfies of Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence has been named. An Australian newspaper identified the suspected hacker as Bryan Hamade who, according to his brother Andrew, is now scared to turn on his mobile phone.

Reddit users and security researchers pointed to Hamade, a 27-year-old resident of Lawrenceville, Georgia, who uses BluntMastermind as his online user name. There is also a post on Imgur, Reddit's image-sharing Web site, which claims to have proof that Hamade is the alleged hacker. But Hamade denied the accusation to Buzzfeed.

"I am just an idiot who tried to pull one over on 4chan and lost big time and stupidly left this identifying information. They took my proof and back traced it - it isn't remotely true. I am not a hacker. I have no idea how the hell someone could hack into all those accounts," BuzzFeed quoted Bryan.

He has a reason to be scared, not only because of the growing anger by the public over what he did, but also because the FBI is reportedly pursuing the suspected hacker of celebrity photos.

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"Right now my brother won't turn on his phone because so many people are finding his number. If he turns it on it's just like a massacre," Andrew said.

Andrew added that Bryan, who spent the whole day talking to a lawyer, said his brother would release a statement on Friday. The brother said their lawyer told them that Bryan has no legal problems right now and he isn't running.

"He just doesn't want people hating him," Andrew said.

He said the FBI has not contacted them, but media men had gone to their house to try to interview Bryan. Andrew believes the whole incident is "a massive misunderstanding," but his mum is nervous about the turn of events and she couldn't even go through the driveway.

Bryan has not slept the past 34 hours since the accusations came, including emails and phone calls from 4chan users, prompting him to shut off his phone for now. He said the real leaker is on 4chan.

He said his mistake was after reading the leaks and noting Bitcoin addresses, he attempted to get free Bitcoins. "I regret it so much. I didn't even get any bitcoin out of it. It's the stupidest thing I've done and I hope it won't ruin my life, though it probably will since it's just the biggest news story," Bryan lamented.

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