Bryan Cranston Excites Social Media That Walter White Might is Still Alive

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"Breaking Bad" Star Bryan Cranston excited fans by hinting that Walter White, the series' lead star, could still be alive. In Breaking Bad's series finale titled "Felina," viewers saw meth kingpin Walter White lying on the floor, embracing his final moments inside a meth lab. As Cranston hinted, the last zoom-out scene of Mr. White fading to "death" may not actually what it seemed to be.

Cranston engaged Ashleigh Banfield of CNN for an interview about the actor's latest movie titled "Godzilla" on Thursday, May 29. But Banfield turned the conversation to Heisenberg's "death scene."

In the interview video, Banfield says that she wasn't sure if Cranston really died, and she adds that his eyes were still open. Banfield adds a theory that what if White was just taken to custody, broke out of prison, and went crazy. Cranston answers, "Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything."

Then Banfield follows up quickly on the questions, asking if Mr. White is dead. The Godzilla star simply answers "I don't know," and later leaves a possible hint, "never say never."

With this latest social buzz from Cranston, a follow-up movie or series might be impossible for the mean time as Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is currently having his hands full with the spinoff series titled "Better Call Saul." Bob Odenkirk, who played as Saul Goodman in the original series will be the main character for the spinoff.

Fans and viewers on social media voiced out their thoughts about Heisenberg's death. Some said that the antihero was certainly dead, and others said they started to hope that he is still alive.

Read below the fans' comments and twitter reactions.

"The ending of Breaking Bad was perfect. Milking it for more money would only diminish it," said rell87, in the comments section of CNN's interview video.

"YES! He's dead. Get over it. When people die their eyes are open. He needed to die. Whether we love WW or not, the ending was the best!" yogamama added in the same thread.

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