Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change Saga: Bruce to Bruscilla to Brigitte

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Now that Bruce Jenner is finally free to do what he wishes, the former Olympian is taking his freedom to a whole new level when he was spotted leaving a clinic in Beverly Hills. The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star was allegedly going through a process of "sex change" by going through a "laryngeal shave."

By flattening his Adam's apple, the 63-year-old reality star is rumoured to be having a "sex change" after years of surgery feminising his manly features. Bruce has managed to tweeze his eyebrows, grow his hair out into a long ponytail and start wearing lip gloss and earrings.

Now, after a series of plastic surgeries, Bruce Jenner is looking for a girly name that would match his new look. Bruscilla is the first one that came out. Although the star is intrigued about it, he decided that the name doesn't work for him and it sounds like a disease. He is more inclined to use the name Brigitte, like the bombshell Brigitte Bardot.

But the former decathlon champ has denied all the rumors that he is transitioning to become a woman. He simply doesn't like his Adam's apple, that's all. But many of the transsexuals are backing him up when the reality star eventually decides to transform into a woman.

"The real hallmark of being male is the presence of an Adam's apple. Someone choosing to have that reduced is pretty much making a statement that when they're going to be dressed as a woman, they're hoping to pass as a female in public," says Dr. Marci Bowers, the first transsexual woman to perform sex change, in an exclusive interview with Radar.

According to some reports, Bruce is having laser hair removal on his face. That suggests pretty strongly that the athlete is not in a passing phase.

"There's a lot of different ways that people can express the feeling of being transgender without going all the way and making irreversible steps like a tracheal shave. That crosses the line, and it does seem probable [that he is beginning the transition to presenting as a female]," says Bowers.

Bowers said that Bruce's transition to becoming a woman is going to be difficult and warns Kris, Kim and the rest of the Kardashian's that the transition is a difficult process for them as well. She said that the family is going to feel betrayed and ashamed about it, but Bruce has to be patient about about all that.

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