Bruce Jenner Wants To Become A Woman Rumor: Alleged Signs Proof Enough That Kim Kardashian's Father is Changing his Sex?

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A lot is being said about Bruce Jenner's wish to turn into a woman. Many tabloids have come with various evidences to prove that Bruce Jenner wants to change his sex.  The first proof was Bruce Jenner's photos while leaving a clinic in Beverly Hills. The photos showed Bruce in a weak and fragile state with a bandage around his neck.

It is being speculated that Bruce went to the clinic to get his Adam's apple reduced.  Daily reported that the photos have further ripened Bruce Jenner's laryngeal shave rumors, which is apparently his first step to turn into a woman.

The second proof surfaced when Bruce Jenner first stepped in the public while wearing, long hair, lip-gloss, diamond studs and a French manicure. His altered experience has made his fans wonder, what is he really up to?

Regarding his changed appearance a source told, "Bruce has a feminine side. He likes growing his hair out, likes getting manicures and pedicures and won't leave his house without his diamond earrings. And he's obsessed with plucking his eyebrows."

Third proof came when National Enquirer reports claimed that in his wake to become a woman, Bruce Jenner has begun hormone therapy. An insider told the website, "Before Bruce had his Adam's apple shaved down, he talked to the doctor at length about having his penis removed next."

The last thing which pointed to Bruce Jenner's quest to undergo surgery to alter his appearance is Lamar Odom's support.

In a report by, "Bruce hasn't told Lamar he wants to be a woman,  but Lamar encourages Bruce to stay true to whoever he is and or wants to be. He did tell him that living with that family and being with Kris [Jenner] was all about perfection and how surgery is a normal thing in her eyes."

So here are the four indicators, which have ripened the rumors of Bruce Jenner's wish to turn into a woman. However, do you think these signs are proof enough? Let us know your thoughts.

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