Bruce Jenner Wants to be a Woman but Hides Face Under a Motorcycle Helmet

By @definemaych on

Everybody was shocked when Bruce Jenner, star in the reality series "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," went public of having this midlife crisis of wanting to look like a woman and started changing his looks. However, in the recent bonding time with his youngest daughter Kylie Jenner seemed to be shy of his looks as he hid his face by wearing a motorcycle helmet.  

Bruce Jenner becoming a woman is still slowly being taken in by the public and some believe that he has the Michael Jackson syndrome. The many speculations that Bruce is gay are still not addressed by him or his representatives.

Kylie met with her dad in Malibu for some father and daughter bonding time but Bruce never took off his motorcycle helmet the moment he arrived and left the scene. The helmet concealed his face and hair and might have been completely unrecognizable if it hadn't been for his celebrity daughter, according to the Daily Mail.

The two were very casual with Bruce wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt and jeans while Kylie was sporting a cropped top and genie pants with thigh high splits. This bonding moment is a time for the two to catch up as Bruce has already left their house and moved into a place of his own in Malibu. However, the two are not yet divorcing but only separating.

Reconciliation might still be possible in the future as Bruce still wears his wedding ring but his former wife is already rumoured to be dating Ben Flajnik, according to Classicalite. Since the 64-year-old former Olympian is busy with his own life and issues, he didn't seem to mind of the two getting close with each other even if they haven't been legally separated yet.

Bruce is not forgetting his daddy duties though as he still finds the time to meet with his 16-year-old daughter amidst the controversies surrounding his rumoured sex change. On the other hand, Kendall was yet to be seen with her dad as the 18-year-old is still busy with her rising career in modelling and also probably with Harry Styles.

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