Bruce Jenner Steals The Kardashian Thunder: From Sex Change Rumors to Quitting 'Keeping It Up With The Kardashians'

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Bruce Jenner seems to have become the focal point of the media. Everything from his hair to his alleged Adam's apple reduction to his wish to turn into a woman are being talked about. The recent rumor, which has taken media channels by storm is Bruce Jenner's plan to quit "Keeping It Up With The Kardashians."

The buzz is that Bruce has planned to move out from the much popular reality show KUWTK. Showbizspy reported that Bruce Jenner has no plans of continuing the show and that he rarely shows up for the shooting of the final installment of "KUWTK".

"Bruce now reluctantly takes part in the show, but only when it's absolutely necessary. Whenever possible he'll shoot his scenes in Malibu - where he now lives," says the source, adding, "Bruce has a clear vision of his life as soon as the season ends: golfing, spending time with his kids - off camera - flying helicopters and riding motorcycles. Bruce wants to cement the relationship with his sons that he never had when they were growing up. The relationship is much better than it was but he wants to continue to strengthen it."

However, Kris Jenner has refuted these rumors and she says that Bruce Jenner is very much a part of "Keeping up with the Kardshians."

"This story is completely made up.We are filming daily with the entire family including Bruce and look forward to filming season 10 in January!" says Kris to E!Online,

The news of Bruce Jenner quitting KUWTK has come to surface after the sources reported that he wants to change his sex and want to live an independent life away from Kris Jenner's influence after the separation.

Bruce and Kris separated in October after 22 years of marriage and the current episodes of "KUWTK" have focused on their separation and how the family is coping up with the same.

Kardashian fans are hoping that Bruce Jenner continues to entertain them in KUWTK and that Kris Jenner's claims deem true.

Let us know what you think about the recent rumors revolving around Bruce Jenner. Do you think any of these hold true?

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