Bruce Jenner Sex Change: Ex-Olympian Injects Estrogen Hormone?

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Bruce Jenner's sex change rumors have once again surfaced. Recent reports suggested Jenner is taking estrogen shots reportedly wanting to become a woman.

Courtney Love claimed the ex-Olympian is serious in his estrogen shots. In the latest episode of the rocker's Web series "#COURTNEYon, "Love said, "Bruce Jenner. What the hell? He used to be a very masculine man who won the triathlon," she said in the clip.

"I saw a picture of his nails. They are as long as mine! Something is so up, or not up, with that guy. Maybe he's taking estrogen. I don't know. It's, like, a lot of estrogen. I don't know what the hell it is,"  toofab reported.

Jenner sex change rumor sparked when he was first caught walking out from a clinic in Beverly Hills with a bandage around his neck. Rumors went abuzz that he went to the clinic for an alleged Adam's apple reduction.

Estrogen is a group of hormones present in a woman's body responsible for the development of female reproductive organs. If reports of Jenner injecting the hormones are true, then soon the Olympian may be seen in a new avatar.

Jenner called it quits to Kris Jenner earlier this year and several  sources claimed the couple ended their relationship due to Bruce's wish to be a woman.

But Kris dismissed the rumors saying 99% of the things being written in tabloids are made up. But she did agree that Bruce gets his nail manicured and puts clear nail polish on it.

Also, Bruce has also grown his hair and his new hairstyle has given his fans one more reason to believe he wants to be a woman.

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