Bruce Jenner Remains Silent Amid Sex Change Rumors

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"World's Greatest Athlete" Bruce Jenner keeps his silence amid the sex change rumors that began a few weeks ago.

No one from his family knows the real score behind his recent surgery and physical changes that he is undergoing. Several reports claimed the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" patriarch plans to undergo a sex change. The first step to become a woman is to take a laryngeal shave.

His recent surgery involves flattening his Adam's apple in an attempt to soften his manly features. The former Olympic gold medalist was seen leaving a clinic in Beverly Hills with manicured nails and bandages on his throat. After the photo of him leaked in various tabloids, rumors spread like wildfire that he is changing his name to Brigitte, after the legendary screen siren Brigitte Bardot.

But his estranged wife Kris Jenner came to the rescue telling Entertainment Tonight that "ninety-nine percent of the stuff in the tabloids is made up."

Despite all these nasty rumors surrounding his drastic physical changes, Bruce has not said anything to his family. According to Bruce's sons, Brandon and Brody, their father is going through an identity crisis and blame their stepmother for their father's cosmetic surgery over the years.

"While the boys haven't come out and asked their dad if he is transitioning to becoming a woman, it has definitely crossed their minds," according to a source in an interview posted in Radar Online.

"However, as long as Bruce is happy, that is all they really care about. Brody has been spending a lot of time with his dad, and the two have never been closer. If Bruce did decide to become a woman, Brody and Brandon would absolutely support him. All they know is that their dad is in a really good place right now, and that is all that matters."

Even Kim is completely in the dark for his stepfather's side of the story regarding the sex change rumors. According to a source on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the brood is not going to discuss any changes in Bruce and will not address any sex change issues on the show, the source told TMZ.

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