Bruce Jenner Hates Being A Man: Thinks Its A Nightmare?

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In a new turn of events, it has come to surface that Bruce Jenner considers being a man a nightmare. A source has recently revealed to that Bruce feels trapped in his own body.

Though Bruce Jenner has not given any confirmation in regards to his sex change rumors, his alleged reduced Adam's apple and feminine appearance point otherwise.  Moreover, there are various sources who have noted that Bruce is at a point in his life where he is looking for a physical transition.

"He is at the ultimate crossroads," a source tells, adding, "Imagine being famous, then being in the Kardashian family and having children. Then living in a body that you don't want to live in - it is really a personal nightmare for Bruce on so many levels."

It seems like Bruce Jenner is having a real hard time deciding what he wants to do with his life post his separation from Kris Jenner. Reportedly, Bruce Jenner has gone under knife many times and now that he is single and away from Kris, he is taking his own time to listen to his inner voice.

"He wants to be one thing but ultimately can't do it in his life. So he continues to have to fight both avenues of the life he lives and the life he wants."

Bruce's sex change rumors evolved when he was spotted leaving a clinic in Beverly Hills with a bandage around his neck. It was reported that in wake to change his gender Bruce has undergone a laryngeal shave. Since then, there is a sea of change in the Ex Olympian's appearance. Day before yesterday, he was spotted with long ombre hair and manicured nails. This is not the first time Bruce has got his nail manicured, a few days before he was also spotted wearing clear nail polish and diamond studs.

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