Bruce Jenner Denies Sex Change Rumors: Dr Phil McGraw Hints Towards Ex Olympian Gender Transition?

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In a shocking turn of events celebrated TV doc, Dr. Phil McGraw recently gave possible hints regarding Bruce Jenner plans of transitioning into a woman.

Dr. Phil appeared in Inside edition to express his views on the Bruce Jenner's alleged Adam's apple reduction surgery and the recent appearance changes (long hair, manicured nails and diamond studs) he has gone through.

He feels that though Bruce Jenner may have declined the reports of sex change, he had his doubts.

According to Entertainmentwise Dr. Phil said, "Everybody's been...saying for the last several years since he had plastic surgery that he came out looking like a woman, with feminine features and characteristics," adding "If the [Adam's apple] surgery that has been reported has taken place [and] the things that you see, he looks to me to possibly be in transition."

On using the word "Transition" Mcgraw further cleated that by transition he means that whether Bruce is wanting to transition from a male to female? Or is he wanting to become transgender?" adding "If he's wanting to move in that direction, which I have no problem with if that's what he wants to do."

Apparently, Bruce Jenner had his first plastic surgery in mid-1980's  and since then there have been various reports stating that Bruce has gone through  surgical procedures to alter his appearance. According to a source to Radaronline, "Kris Jenner (Bruce Jenner's ex whife) has always encouraged Bruce to have his face nipped and tucked," explained the source, adding, "He has had plastic surgery to remove excess fat above his eyelids. The Adam's apple surgery is just an advance step towards the altering the appearance."

According to Dr Phil, the reason why Bruce Jenner sex change reports having become topic of immense curiosity is the latter's history of being one of the best Olympian in the world. In 1976 Jenner brought glory home by winning gold medal in decathlon and Dr Phil thinks that its obvious that fans would wonder why a great sportsman like him would like a transition.

All said and done, Kris Jenner ex husband's transition is still a mystery. However, Dr Phil feels that with each step, Brue will himself unfold the truth.

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