Bruce Jenner Caught in An Intimate Moment With Ex-Wife Kris Jenner

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Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner have sparked-off reunion rumours when they were caught holding hands while walking out of the LAX airport from their trip to Thailand. These two were spotted together after more than five months of announcing their separation in October 2013.

The Kardashians recently took a family trip to Thailand, and it seems the trip worked as magic for Kris and Bruce. The two were seen grinning and intimately held each other. Does this mean that the couple has reunited?

Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner called it quits after 22 year of marriage. The couple had not shown any sign of reconciliation since October. Rather, it was being said that Bruce is tired of being in Kardhashian family and even wants to quit "Keeping Up With The Kardashians".

A source had revealed to, "Bruce has a clear vision of his life as soon as the season ends - golfing, spending time with his kids, off camera, flying helicopters and riding motorcycle."

However, it could also be possible that the couple was holding hands in a friendly way, as during their split they have mentioned time and again that they are just taking some time off from each other and are amicably separating.

After their separation the couple had released a joint statement saying, "We are living separately and we are much happier this way. But we will always have much love and respect for each other. Even though we are separated, we will always remain best friends and, as always, our family will remain our number one priority."

Meanwhile, rumours are rife that Bruce Jenner may be going through sex change procedures. Recently, Courtney Love claimed that Jenner is taking shots of woman hormone Estrogen. This statement of Love has come after Jenner was spotted with a bandage around his neck, which has triggered Adam's apple surgery rumors.

Do you think that this couple might reunite?

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