Bromance: 'Voice' Coach Adam Levine Jokes About Having 'Sexual Problems' with Fellow Coach Blake Shelton

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"Voice" coach Adam Levine recently had a guest appearance on the show "Chelsea Lately" and admitted to some "bromance" trouble. Maroon 5 frontman Levine joked that he was having "sexual problems" with fellow "Voice" coach Blake Shelton.

On Wednesday, March 12, host Chelsea Handler teased singer/songwriter/musician Levine about his so-called "bromance" with Shelton.

"You're in love with Blake Shelton. You're not scared to admit that," Handler joked during the interview. "You guys have been dating for what, two and a half years now? That's beautiful."

The 34-year-old singer, instead of looking offended, agreed to what the 39-year-old host had suggested. Also, according to Us Weekly, earlier on the interview Levine had been all out with his compliment for the host. Levine gave Handler a flattering remark regarding an interview of Handler on "Piers Morgan Live" on March 10.

"We're having some sexual problems, though," Levine added as a joke. The Maroon 5 singer just admitted that his relationship with Blake Shelton is on the rocks.

"Is that on your end more?" Handler asked. "Well, he [Shelton] drinks a lot so he probably can't . . ."

"He drinks a lot so . . . It's a problem," Levine finished, joking that Blake Shelton is battling impotence. "But it's fine. He's okay. We'll be all right. We'll figure it out somehow."

Handler also joked about Blake Shelton's wife Miranda Lambert. Handler told Levine that he also talked about the drinking problem with Lambert, too.

According to Gossippop, Levine had also been swearing a lot on the show just because he could. The singer even called it "awesome" that the language on the show was actually loose.

"I know," the comedienne replied, according to an E! Online report. "I don't really care."

In response, Levine said that it was great because he wasn't allowed to curse on the Voice . With the exact words "which f-ing blows," Levine made it clear that he was enjoying cursing.

"It's so nice to say that . . . I think it's really important to be able to say those words because you emphasize things. F--k! I think it's actually a good usage of the word . . . I mean it every time I say it. God dammit, I respect you," Levin capped off.

At present, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are busy coaching on the Voice Season 6 with other coaches Shakira and Usher.

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