'Bromance' Support: Justin Bieber Defends One Direction's Zayn Malik

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Zayn Malik of One Direction has been submerged in hot water as of late all thanks to an alleged cheating scandal.

The One Direction member is said to have cheated on girlfriend, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, on an Australian waitress named Courtney Webb. While "Directioners" are quick to defend Courtney or Perrie, Zayn Malik is sure to find support in Canadian crooner, Justin Bieber.

Yesterday, news of a cheating scandal between Zayn Malik and an Aussie waitress, Courtney Webb broke out. While representatives of the 1D singer have not spoken up about the issue, Web claims all the rumors are true. The waitress even goes on to add that she owns photo evidence of the quick tryst with the singer. Webb also made an effort to share all the details of that night.

"He was very selfish and just wanted one thing. Then I noticed a bright light shining in my face - he was trying to film me on his phone," stated Webb, later adding, "I couldn't believe it, I immediately stopped and told him to delete it."

"We had sex together and he used a condom that I saw him get from a drawer in the laundry room downstairs," continued the waitress.

"I was absolutely shattered. We had literally just finished having sex, but he was like, 'Cool, done - see you later'. It was horrible. I didn't argue and I was all ready to go ... but while waiting for the cab we both passed out and fell asleep," added Webb.

Currently, Zayn Malik has been hiding from the paparazzi and not speaking up about the rumors. If Malik ever needs support or defense from all that is happening as of late, Zayn is sure to find a friend in Justin Bieber. In an interview with Yahoo, Bieber stated to being there for the One Direction singer.

"I am there for him whatever he is going through, that is what buddies do. If he wants to go away and have a little trip to get away from things that is cool. We could go and do a weekend in Vegas and just get away from everything," stated Bieber.

"We are blessed to be doing what we are doing, but I know how tough it can be dealing with something that should be private in the public eye. All you want is privacy but you know it isn't going to happen. All the One Direction guys are my buddies, but I do get along really great with Zayn. We hang out a lot and we have a whole bunch of common interests and find similar stuff funny. He is a really good guy." added the Canadian crooner.

This proves that Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles aren't the only guys Zayn can surely depend on because Justin Bieber has spoken up on being a 1D "brother" in spite of all the rumors.

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