The Bromance in '22 Jump Street’

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 "22 Jump Street" brewed a more blended bromance between Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Their on and off screen chemistry made this sequel even funnier, crazier, wackier, and well, more bromantic.

In this film, Channing, who portrayed the role of Jenko, and Jonah, who played as Schimdt, proved that differences did not matter when it came to friendship. In their undercover mission, they went back college but got into different paths. Jenko immediately found a connection with college jocks while Schimdt took a more introvert approach in dealing with their new classmates. Still, they were able to accomplish their task and went to several missions together as shown in the film credits.

And their chemistry did not stop on screen. They continued to bond during film breaks and supported each other's projects after filming their first movie "21 Jump Street."

In addition to that, their bet that involved crotches, remained unforgettable among media, fans and movie goers. This bet originated from Jonah's idea to kiss the tip of Channing's nether region if their first movie would reach $35 million on its premiere. And yes, it even topped the goal with over $36 million gross on its opening. But after realizing this news, both tried to avoid such conversation that took place when they were drinking.

This stud pairing started when Jonah wrote the film version of the 80s televsion series, "21 Jump Street." He wanted Channing to be his on-screen partner. Thus, he called him despite his doubts about the film. But the latter quickly accepted the offer. Then, they met in person and the two became instant friends. Their chemistry proved to be well-loved as the movie grossed over $200 million.

Their repertoires in the industry were polar opposites. Jonah became popular from portraying comedic roles like in "This is the End." On the other hand, Channing was more into action and dramatic roles like his portrayal in the movie, "G.I. Joe." But, like Jenko and Schidmt, their differences did not affect their friendship. And on screen, they even proved to be a well-matched pair as the sequel, "22 Jump Street" gathered positive reviews from movie critics.

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