Brody Jenner Walks in on Kim Kardashian Taking Naked Photos and More from the Family's Vacation in Thailand

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 9 Episode 14 Recap
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In this week's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Brody Jenner Walks in on Kim taking naked selfies in Thailand as the whole family goes there on vacation. Kris and Bruce Jenner bicker constantly causing the entire vacation to implode and Rob Kardashian shows a preview of what's coming about his reported behavior when the clan goes to Europe for Kim and Kanye's wedding.

The entire family planned a vacation headed by none other than matriarch Kris Jenner and through a secret ballot voting process, Thailand was the chosen destination. Even before the family even left, there was already some indication of possible trouble as Bruce and Kris start stating different opinions about what they plan to do. Kris wants to lay on the beach and relax and get a massage while Bruce wants to plan and engage in outdoor activities.

This worries Kris and Kim suggests inviting the older Jenner kids, Brandon, his wife Lia and Brody to keep Bruce occupied should he want to pursue his plans on vacation. Kris agrees and it's decided that all three will come to Thailand but on a later flight that arrives a day later than the rest.

Kim prepares for the trip by buying herself a selfie camera one which has a viewfinder that could be turned around so it would be easier to take a selfie. She plans to use this to take photos in Thailand and make a selfie book for her then fiancé Kanye West who was in Germany at the time and could not make it.

The drama begins when Rob is a no-show at the airport and Khloe is devastated to be unable to contact him as she knows that everyone was counting on her to make sure he joined the family since she has recently moved in with him after the sale of her house with estranged husband Lamar Odom. It turns out that Rob went missing just before the flight and this causes Khloe to want to back out. Kylie declares that she will do the same so Khloe decides to go anyway in an attempt to save the vacation. Bruce points out that Rob had not been coming to nearly all family gatherings on special occasions and Khloe defends him by saying that he's been going through a lot and apart from his weight problems was also affected by her divorce from Lamar with whom he had gotten attached.

Kourtney also backs out due to concerns over her son Mason's ear infection dealing another blow to what should have been a vacation for the entire family.

The rest of the family move on and try to make the most of their vacation at the stunningly beautiful  Iniala resort. The first day went by smoothly as the family settled in to enjoy the facilities at the hotel. Trouble begins the next day as Bruce convinces everyone to try the zipline. Brandon, Lia and Brody have just arrived on an overnight flight and remain in the hotel to catch up on sleep.

Kendall and Kylie enjoy the zip line well enough but Kim ended up in tears out of fear and Kris tried it but was also scared and unamused. She is annoyed at Bruce for forcing the issue on the whole family. The kids in turn are annoyed by the constant bickering. On the way back, after Kris warns their driver to slow down and Bruce tells her to chill out, they then meet an accident due to the driver's reckless driving which validates Kris and causes her to turn against Bruce.

They return to the resort to find the older Jenner Kids and start telling them about what happened with both arguing their point.

Meanwhile, Kim is busy with her selfie book project and with the beautiful surroundings in the resort, she finds that there is a possible selfie background in just about every corner. She annoys Khloe with all her picture taking so she enlists the help of her assistant to help her take the photos. She was in the middle of taking some sexy photos for Kanye while wearing a see-through white cover-up with nothing underneath when Brody Jenner walks in on her. Brody is shocked by what he sees as Kim was in the middle of posing in a compromising position. Brody runs to Lia and Brandon quite flustered and Lia makes fun of him for his reaction.

When everyone goes down for a meal later in the day, Kris and Bruce start arguing again when Bruce brings up his plans for more activities the next day. Kris mentions that she had a plan to have the older Jenner kids distract Bruce and this causes Kendall and Kylie to feel like she was scheming and lying to them.

The vacation implodes even further when the preview for next week's episode shows the kids booking a flight to leave Thailand. The rest of the disastrous vacation unfolds in next week's episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" on E!

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