Brody Jenner Reveals Kanye West is One of His Real Reasons For Not Attending Sister Kim Kardashian's Wedding

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Brody Jenner comes clean as to why he did not attend stepsister, Kim Kardashian's grand wedding to Kanye West in Paris but attended Kim's ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush's wedding.

It's not grudge. It's not a diss either. Mirror UK learns that Brody Jenner has good reasons why he cannot attend Kim Kardashian's wedding, touted as celebrity wedding of the year, to Kanye West. Brody received flak lately for attending Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush's wedding and for reportedly claiming that Bush dodged a bullet for not marrying his sister. His attendance on Reggie's wedding highlighted how he skipped his own sister's wedding, preferring to work that day on one of his DJ gigs. However, Brody Jenner said that he has valid reasons for why these events unfolded, Mirror UK reports.

Mirror UK claims that Brody Jenner did not attend Kim's wedding because it's in Paris, he got work and more importantly, he does not really know Kanye West. These reasons sound like poorly-made excuses, but at least these show Brody and Kim are not feuding.

On his podcast, Brody Jenner found it important to clear the air about him and Kim feuding because he was very excited to attend Reggie's wedding but could not care less to show up on Kim's. Brody said, "What's crazy to me is that people are making such a big deal about that."

"There's a few reasons that came into pay as to why I didn't go to Kim's, one of them being it's in Paris, you know? Which is a long way away." he shared.

"Reggie Bush's wedding was right down the street, it was in San Diego," he detailed.

Brody seemingly forgot that his family has private jets that could have solved the distance problem for him. Not to mention, the other Kardashians got to Paris just fine and without problems.

He also added: "The second one is, she didn't let anyone know in the family until like right before the wedding, you know only a few weeks notice, and by that time I'd already booked stuff."

"That weekend I was working, I had DJ gigs," he added.

"And also, to be completely honest, I don't know Kanye - at all. like I really don't, I've had one conversation with him that lasted maybe 15 seconds, 20 seconds, so Reggie I have known for a very long time," he added.

"It's not to say i didn't call Kim and say I wish you the best, I love you and I support you... And by the way, I would have loved to have gone to that wedding."

Brody did not mention his girlfriend not being invited as one of the real reasons he skipped Kim Kardashian's wedding. US Weekly had reported that this was the real reason for his absence and not his DJ gigs.

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