Brody Jenner Lies Naked in Kim Kardashian's Bed to Overcome Sibling Awkwardness Between Him, Brandon and Kim

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Episode Recap S09E15 recap: A Thailand Vacation Part 2
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In this week's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Brody Jenner spills the beans and reveals that his brother Brandon Jenner once kissed his step-sister Kim Kardashian. Brody made the revelation in the heat of the moment while he was on the hot spot for joking that he got turned on when he walked in on Kim taking sexy selfies. Brody finally pulls a prank by lying in Kim's bed naked to put to rest all of the underlying awkwardness between Kim and the Jenner brothers.

The secret about Brandon and Kim's kiss was awkwardly spilled in front of Brandon's wife Leah and Kim's mom Kris while the entire family was on vacation in Thailand. Brody and Brandon are Bruce Jenner's sons from his previous marriage, and in attempt to become closer to all his kids, Bruce and Kris have been inviting the two to their family gatherings in recent years. In this year's family vacation both sons are invited as well as Brandon's wife Leah.

In last week's episode, Brody walked in on Kim Kardashian as her assistant was taking photos of her naked under a long white see-through cover-up. Kim is disappointed that her then fiance and now husband Kanye West was unable to join the trip so she decided to make him a selfie book featuring herself and all the wonderful backdrops that Thailand has to offer. Unfortunately as she was in the middle of a particularly sexy shoot, Brody walked in on her and he awkwardly walked off and told Brandon and Leah. The couple then start teasing him about seeing Kim naked and Brody responded jokingly and to his regret later on that he did get a "half chub."

The joke causes Brandon and Leah to keep teasing Brody throughout the trip and Kim realizes that something is going on. She confronts Brandon and tells her everything and makes her get in on the joke. She starts teasing Brody asking him to come nearer and take a picture with her. Brody is a good sport and just laughs everything off but everything is noticed by Kris.

Kris then confronts Brody about it jokingly as she was sitting with the Jenner kids and says that Brody always had a crush on Kim. Put on the hot seat, Brody then declares that they should not be looking at him because it was Brandon who kissed Kim. Both Kris and Leah are shocked as Brandon just sits there guiltily admitting the fact but Brody declares that it had been a long time ago.

To finally put the matter to rest, Brody and Leah pull a prank on Kim by having her walk in to a naked Brody lying in her bed with only leaves covering his privates. Kim laughs it off and starts taking photos of the naked Brody lying on her bed saying she will use it to blackmail him in the future. Leah is laughing hysterically at the situation despite learning that her husband once kissed Kim. Everyone has a good time and the awkwardness is finally erased and the matter put to rest.

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