Brock Lesnar Signs New Contract With WWE, May Appear In Night Of Champions [VIDEO]

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Brock Lesnar has always been sort of a mercenary, gun for hire when it comes to appearances for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since his comeback in 2012.

Now that he has snatched the WWE World Heavyweight championship, fans and organizers are scrambling to put him more in televisions. The Wrestling Observer broke news when it announced that the current heavyweight champion has just signed a contract with WWE that will allow the promotional outfit to schedule his matches at their behest.

"WWE has reportedly come to terms with Brock Lesnar on an agreement that will allow the company to book him as frequently as they want - for a price," the article on The Observer said.

With this development, WWE may now book one of wrestling's most bankable stars to Monday Night Raws, pay-per-views and Wrestlemanias on a pro-rated basis. Previously, the agreement was that Lesnar will appear in select events and WWE will work around his schedule to match his availability. This change will significantly bring out more exposure for Lesnar and a possible showdown with John Cena.

Of course, WWE is still to confirm this story and details on the agreed figures will probably not be released but Vince McMahon and Trilpe H are to be lauded if this is really true. Just last week, the Inquisitor relayed that Lesnar would not be made available for a fight for Night of Champions pay-per-view scheduled for late September. Followers of wrestling entertainment expressed their outrage over this as it was unfathomable to exclude the current heavyweight champion in an event billed as Night of Champions.

Well, with Brock Lesnar on board in professional wrestling for good, expect those rumblings to turn into cheers. The whole enigma of Lesnar was that he had an aura of not caring about what people thought of him. His silent macho demeanor is an imposing image to followers and opponents alike. And in this world, if John Cena cannot even put him into submission and three counts, then the organization will have its hands full in finding who will.

Now, WWE will have its plate full in finding Lesnar a real match.

For now, watch the highlights of Lesnar's win over Cena in Summer Slam:

(Video Courtesy of: Youtube/Pemba Sherpa)

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