Britney Spears New Man: Top Things to Know about JR Rotem [NEW PHOTOS]

Britney Spears Enjoyed a Romantic Valentine’s Date with a New Man, What Should you Know about Him?


Britney Spears has found herself looking into the smokey eyes of a new man, JR Rotem, on Valentine’s Day. They were spotted leaving Banzai Sushi in Calabasas in Los Angeles on V-Day.

The couple has been making a buzz since then as Britney has seemingly found happiness after closing her doors with former manager and fiance, Jason Trawick.

Critics claim that Britney “did it good” this time. Read on and find out if Rotem is the right man for the pop singer who has sold record-breaking records during her first ten years in the industry.

Here’s the top things IBTimes-AU found out about JR Rotem:

1. J.R. stands for Jonathan Reuven Jonathan Reuven was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1975. He was raised by Israeli immigrant parents. He joined his parents when they moved to Toronto when he was barely two years old before they finally made it to the United States in 1987, at the age of 12. He grew up and learn about his world in the San Francisco Bay in California.

2. His beginnings He has loved music from the beginning, even studying the discipline in Berklee College of Music in Boston. He began with classical piano at 5. In college, he was eyeing for skills in film scoring but set his eyes on jazz composition in the end.

3. J.R. Rotem's net worth He was just an average joe noted in an interview in 2006. Known to worry if one artist would even buy his tracks, J.R has made his way to establishing himself and the hard work pays off. said J.R. Rotem has a recorded net work of $20 million. Not a bad choice, Britney. It looks like money will never be an issue, and focus on the “love.”

4. He has worked with great artists. Rotem’s astounding net worth for a 37-year-old American record producer should not come as a surprise as he has notably worked with and for successful artists in the music industry. In his roster of collaboration and professional network include Rihanna, 50 Cent, Destiny’s Child, Sean Kingston, Dr. Dre, Jennifer Lopez, JoJo, Mya, Natasha Bedingfield, Ashley Tisdale and Jesse McCartney. Not to mention Britney, whom he started working in 2006.

5. He is a songwriter/ music producer The $20-million-worth of songwriter and music producer has aces up his sleeve. He works hard and does it good as seen on the awards received as he started making his name in the industry. He was honored as BMI Producer of the Year in 2009. The same award giving body recognized him with BMI Songwriter of the Year in 2011. Rotem is known for his trademark of a horn, followed by a stylised "J-J-J-J-J-R". Also considered his trademark is the “Beluga Heights” found either at the end or the beginning of every record he has worked on.

6. He and Britney has been reported an “item” as early as 2006. Britney and Rotem worked way back in 2006 when they were recordiing “Everybody.” Though the song has been released in 2007, news had it back then that he was seen “liplocking” with the popular singer, to which he kept mum about, noted

Britney, he’s a keeper! Britney Spears “did it again.” The “Bad Ass” singer has found herself a new man in the arms of hot record-producer, JR Rotem. Just one month after she broke up with fiance and record manager, Jason Trawick, the pop singer was spotted on a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day with Rotem.

A photo of Britney and Rotem emerged on the web as they were leaving from their dinner date on Heart’s day at Banzai Sushi in Calabasas and the singer picked out the best date to debut her new love: on Valentine’s day.

Find out more about this new celebrity couple, read more articles on Britney and J.R. on IBTimes –AU.

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