Britney Spears is Dating a New Man [NEW PHOTOS]

Britney Spears Enjoyed a Romantic Valentine’s Date with a New Man


Britney Spears “did it again.” The “Bad Ass” singer has found herself a new man in the arms of hot record-producer, JR Rotem.

Just one month after she broke up with fiance and record manager, Jason Trawick, the pop singer was spotted on a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day with Rotem.

A photo of Britney and Rotem emerged on the web as they were leaving from their dinner date on Heart’s day at Banzai Sushi in Calabasas and the singer picked out the best date to debut her new love: on Valentine’s day.

Britney was seen wearing a casual white blouse and jeans while Rotem sported a Rolling Stones tee and a black jacket.

The singer may not be returning to the X-Factor but she is going home in love with the 37-year-old record producer.

It looks like Britney is out in the dating world following her split with Tarwick, longtime manager and fiance. Just before she was seen with Rotem, another “J” was linked into Brit’s life.

She was reportedly getting close to a “Jason Filyaw,” according to TMZ. Filyaw is a 33-year-old lead guitarist for rock band, RIVA and he claimed that he and Britney come" a long way as he emphasize meeting the popular singer way back in 2003. The rocker claimed they got “close” when they recorded some music at The Hit Factory in New York City.

Filyaw who said recently that he again met with Britney at an “AA meeting” in LA could be out of the picture (not surprisingly, as no man would out a woman he has hots for] since Britney has found new love in Rotem.

Rotem, who was once reported claiming “just an average Joe” has made his way up in the industry. He has met Britney when they worked together since around 2006.

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