British Woman Jailed For Starving Dog to Death After Locking in Kitchen for 10 Weeks

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Katy Gammon, a British trainee solicitor from Bristol, has been jailed for 18 weeks after starving her dog to death.

Earlier, Gammon [Image] was accused of locking her dog Roxy [Image] in the kitchen. The boxer dog was left with no water or food. After locking the kitchen door, she ensured the dog would not come out by tying the door with rope.

The 27-year-old trainee solicitor from Lawrence Weston eventually managed to make Roxy suffer a "prolonged and painful death," BBC reported.

Gammon has been banned by Bristol Magistrates from keeping any pet at any point of her life in the future. Roxy was eventually discovered by police after neighbors complained of flies and foul odor [Image].

The pet victim was left in the kitchen without water or food for about 10 weeks. Gammon's act is now being considered most cruel act to animals.

She admitted she caused "unnecessary suffering" to her dog. She also admitted she had failed to prevent any causes which led to the suffering of the dog. It was previously noted in the court that Roxy desperately tried scratching out of the kitchen.

When the dog was discovered in Gammon's kitchen, the remains of its body had to be removed with a snow shovel by RSPCA inspectors.

Ironically, tins of dog food was stored outside only feet away from the kitchen. Bristol Magistrates' Court Chairman Rod Mayall told Gammon that her dog was "left to die of starvation and dehydration."

He said Gammon had shown "limited remorse." She apparently failed to provide alternative housing for her dog even though she had a couple of offers. He told her she failed to act like a normal person.

Gammon was apparently annoyed with Roxy for defecating and urinating around the house. That was why she kept it locked in the kitchen.

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