British Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver to Open Restaurant in Canada

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British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is planning to open a restaurant in Canada. Oliver is likely open the restaurant in Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto.

This will be Oliver's first North American restaurant for the restaurant chain "Jamie's Italian." Oliver will open the restaurant in partnership with Toronto's King Street Food Company which owns Buca which is the best rated restaurant in Toronto. The company also owns Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse. The restaurant is planned to be inaugurated in spring 2015.

The first restaurant of Oliver's business chain was opened in 2008. So far, there have been 35 outlets of "Jamie's Italian" in the UK. Additionally, there are 8 international outlets of the restaurant chain as well. Oliver has included classic Italian foods like pizzas and pastas in the menu. The additional delicacy happens to be Oliver's creative recipe of lamb lollipops.

Oliver's claim to fame was "The Naked Chef" which was produced for the BBC by Optomen Television. The TV show which Oliver made his debut in became popular for its unconventional style in cooking as well as visual presentation. Oliver cooked (at home for the first two seasons) on various occasions such as his sister's hen night and his own birthday party. Oliver became a more familiar name in North America after he featured in television shows like "Jamie at Home" on Food Network.

Oliver broke the news of opening his restaurant in Toronto on Twitter. "Guys so excited to announce that our first Jamie's Italian in #Canada will be opening Spring 2015 in Yorkdale Mall Toronto!" he wrote. Several Twitter users reacted positively on the announcement. @HendryShirley wondered if Oliver was heading for "world domination" with his restaurant spreading all over the world. @JillianV1974 wrote that she would be the first one in line. @whitbyfoodie found the news exciting even though he found the location of mall "too bad."  "A Brit opens restaurant in Canada serving Italian food. He just needs to dance capoeira to get more multicultural," @urbanonetwork tweeted.

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