‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Paddy Jones Blasted for Winning another Talent Show, Simon Cowell Defends Wonder Granny

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The dancing grandmother Paddy Jones and her dance instructor Nico Espinosa became overnight stars following their incredible performance in "Britain's Got Talent" that became an online sensation.

In Saturday night (April 12) show of "Britain's Got Talent" Paddy Jones, 80, and her 40 years younger dance partner, Nico amazed the judges and the audiences in an unexpected salsa rendition. Judge Amanda Holden even pressed her golden buzzer to send the duo directly to the semi-finals.

Paddy and Nico's performance did not start quite well with Simon Cowell pressing the buzzer too early. Paddy even was distracted upon hearing the "X" sound, but continued on her dancing. As the salsa steps gets complicated, followed up with acrobatic sequences, the judges were shocked and cannot believe that an 80-year old grandmother defied the limits of her old age and did a performance that some younger ladies would not dare to do.

Paddy and Nico's performance in "Britain's Got Talent" is not only jaw-dropping, it is also awe-inspiring that despite her age, Paddy did not consider it a hindrance to chase her dreams and do what she loves the most--dancing. As the judges interview the duo after their breath-taking salsa, Simon apologized to Paddy and Nico knowing that pressing the buzzer for the two had been a mistake.

However it is not all good news for Paddy and Nico despite cementing their position for the "Britain's Got Talent's" semi-finals. The duo are currently being blasted online for joining the competition despite winning the Spain's version of the show way back in 2009. Paddy also holds a Guinness record for being the "Oldest Acrobatic Salsa Dancer" at 79-years old in exact.

Simon Cowell, on the other hand did not keep mum about the rising issue of Paddy and Nico's previous win. The seasoned judge went to Twitter to reveal his sentiments, defending both dancers, and implying that Paddy deserves the chance to perform in her own country.

Simon's sentiments on Twitter:

Reports say that the duo already bagged a hefty amount of 10,000 Euros or £9,055 after winning Spain's "Tu Si Que Vales" ("You Are Worth It") competition. Fans of "Britain's Got Talent" however, have mixed reactions on the matter and airing their views in social networking sites.

In a different light, these controversies only fire up online interest for Paddy and Nico's upcoming performance. Currently, the video uploaded on Youtube hits 4 million view mark, bringing more audiences to the popular talent show.

Watch Paddy and Nico's Performance Here [VIDEO]

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